In the history of the study of the problem of localization of mental functions to exist (and there are), and other areas. Quite common is the eclectic concept has been preserved to the present time and uniting psihomorfologicheskie and antilokalizatsionnye view. According to this concept (which is shared by researchers such as K.Monakov, K.Goldshteyn, G.Hed, etc.), and can be localized (corresponding to wear with certain parts of the brain) is only relatively basic sensory and motor functions. However, the higher mental functions of the brain are connected to everything evenly (or with the central equipotential of-affairs of the cortex, in K.Goldshteynu).
Finally, the history of science knows and outright denial of the problem of localization of higher mental functions of a person, that is, the very possibility of binding the brain and psyche. This frankly idealistic position, hold your valis such large physiologists as G.Gelmgolts, Ch.Sherrington, E.Edrian, R.Granit – naturalists in science, but in its idealistic philosophical worldview.
At the end of XX century, these views are held by the largest Dzh.Ekklz physiologist, who is known for his work on con-tent of synaptic impulses. In his books “The brain and mental experience,” “Face to face with the reality of” Dzh.Ekklz acts as a subjective idealist, assumed to melting of the primary reality of his own consciousness, subjective experience, and the rest of the outside world – the secondary and considering the human mind as an “act of creations of God, “and the materialist conception of consciousness as a” disease of science. ”
The theory of the system of dynamic localization of higher mental functions of man was created to combat these trends, building on the achievements of the national psychology, on the one hand, and the materialist physiology – on the other.
In domestic neuropsychology was revised concept of “function”. Higher mental functions as psychological education began to be viewed from the standpoint of domestic psychological science as a social ITATION on the genesis (ie lifetime, due to the socio-historical factors), mediated by psychological tools (mainly speech) system on a structure, lucid, dynamic in their organization (ie, different in psychological structure at different stages of ontogeny) are arbitrary in terms of governance. Thus, the idea of ​​a non-differentiated mental functions as irreducible on “ability” was replaced with the modern concepts of mental functions as a “psychological systems” that have complex psycho-logical structure and include many psychological components (SU-nev, phases etc.).
Building on the achievements of the national materialist physiology (for work Sechenov, Pavlov, PKAnohin, N.A.Bernsh-stein, N.P.Behterevoy, E.N.Sokolova and other physiologists) , neuropsychology was considering mental functions such as education, with complex reflections Tornio basis, deterministic external stimuli, or as complex forms of adaptive activity of the organism to address certain psychological problems.

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